Category: Survival Skills

While we’re living in a world where modern convenience is within reach, we also can’t help but sometimes face emergency situations when disaster strikes. But whatever calamity, threats or dangers we might encounter, we can survive provided we know of a few survival skills.

Survival Camping World: Thrive.  Survive!

“At Survival Camping World, we’re committed to give advice, guidance and information on the basic and advanced survival skills you need.”

A few significant topics we will cover here include building shelter, making fire and binding wounds. These and more, we recognize, can make the difference between being stuck in a hopeless situation and emerging victorious as a tough survivor.

Looking for, sanitizing and purifying water:  There is nothing more important in an emergency or survival situation than having clean drinking water. We can die in a matter of hours due to dehydration without water to drink. At the Survival Camping World, we’ll talk about the basics of finding, collecting and purifying water.    Our team will also discuss topics on how to boil water whenever you can when trapped in an emergency situation and will also cover devices, such as water filters and life straws.

Making and tending fire:  Fire is useful in many applications. It can keep you warm, boil water and cook food, among others. On this site, we will review gears and devices to help in building a fire. We’ll also teach you how to be creative fire making aside from using lighters, matches and friction.

Building a shelter:  If you are lost in the woods or stuck in a strange place after a disaster or calamity, another survival skill you need is making a temporary shelter.  On this site, we will feature different methods and materials in building one.

Reading a compass:   Learning how to navigate and read a compass is definitely an important survival skill to master.   We will teach you how to find the high ground, use the sun, and other means to learn about the world around you and find your direction.  Our team might also cover about sighting compass and many more.

Finding, hunting and foraging for food:  Discover ways on how to catch food in the wild or hunt. We will also cover topics on fishing, trapping and foraging.

Resources for edible plants: Not all plants can be eaten, or they can be fatal. At Survival Camping World, we will cover topics on edible plants and ways to recognize them in the wild.

Camp cooking:   Aside from knowing what to eat, you should also know how to cook food in the wilderness.  Our team will feature topics on how to cook, bury food waste and more.

Dressing a wound:  Learn how to dress and treat a wound when you meet an accident while in the emergency situation.  Also, discover first aid tips and tricks that might save your or someone else’s life because more likely than not no doctor is around in the wilderness. We will also cover topics on closing the wound, bandaging it reasonably, using a medical kit and more.

Tying a knot – Knotting skills is useful in securing fishing lines, hunting traps and survival shelters, among other applications. Learn basic and advance tie-knotting skills.

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